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Candy Cotton

Session Topics

Unique stressors in the aviation industry

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Relationships can be challenging, especially for those in the aviation industry.  Long flights, extended work hours, multiple day trips, our counselor and coaches have the expertise and resources you need to help you navigate these hurdles and develop fulfilling and productive connections.

High-pressure decision-making, irregular schedules, and the demanding nature of aviation can lead to burnout characterized by emotional exhaustion and decreased job satisfaction.  Our Listenr counselors and coaches have the tools and expertise necessary to help you understand the stressors better and provide relief and solutions to help propel your life forward.


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Long, irregular hours with often times long stints of isolation can contribute to a lack of motivation and engagement.  Our Listenrs understand the importance of motivation in achieving your goals and are here to help you identify the underlying causes of this lack of energy and develop effective strategies for overcoming it. 

Lacking Motivation

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Big Changes

Long bouts of time away from home, and unpredictable schedules, can lead to significant life changes and challenges.  Our Listenr counselors and coaches can provide valuable support by assisting pilots in navigating these transitions, coping with stress, and maintaining emotional well-being during periods of change.

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