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Licensed Professional Counselor

  • 15 minutes

Listenr Bio

Hello, my name is Paivi. I am a passionate professional in helping people heal and find happiness. I understand the importance of the mind and body connection and how to find balance amidst the stressors of your life. I understand interpersonal trauma and relational approaches, which covers all aspects of somatic understanding of the mind-body connection from underlying neurobiological research findings through intensive applications. The focus of relational somatic approach emphasizes relational and deeper transpersonal perspectives and includes much personal and interpersonal work as well as learning and practice of many different interventions. I can help you to explore all of that in your own personal journey. I have a strong interpersonal acumen and capacity to understand and apply relational somatic principles in my work and personally. I was a professor at a graduate school for many years where I taught future psychotherapists the skills I use every day in my work. I provide a warm, nurturing space which makes me very approachable to many of my clients and peers alike. I truly “get” that, to be a good somatic practitioner and to help others to heal, one must do one’s own inner work. I have been pursuing this avidly and I do not shy away from deep personal explorations. I knows a lot about the somatic and interpersonal realms, and I am truly dedicated to furthering the growth and acceptance of this discipline by the larger aviation community. Finally, I have worked with a difficult population for many years – individuals from severely compromised and trauma filled backgrounds – and I have a real skill and understanding about how to reach and help these individuals. Hence, my comfort and experience in dealing with the effects of trauma is a plus for my clients. Specialties: Trauma, Empathetic Listening, Somatic therapy Credentials: Over 20 years of experience in therapy Language: English Residence: United States License Number: Licensed Counselor MN CC 1503 Price per Session: $230/hour

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