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Aviation Support Professional

  • 15 minutes

Listenr Bio

Welcome and thank you for viewing my page 🙂 It is likely a long and potentially challenging journey for you to finally meet with me here on this website. I hope I can be of support to your overall wellbeing, goals and mental health needs. I work in a relational manner, solution-focused underpinned by humanistic values. With international working experience, I am exposed, aware and sensitive towards different experiences surrounding us. For instance, individual differences, identity formation, acculturation, philosophy and religion etc. I strive to provide you a safe space to be yourself, and provide you support that increases your awareness and self-understanding to flourish and thrive in your daily activities e.g., career, relationships, finances. I am comfortable addressing the messy parts of life, will support you in processing the experience of being and find the courage to get curious and surface difficult emotions and challenges you may be experiencing. And find solutions to what may seem as a problem, or any goals you may wish to attain moving forward. Specialties: Identity Formation, Transitions, Work/Life/Family Stress, Stress Management, Solution-focused Coaching, Sleep Health Credentials: Pursuing PsyD in Counseling Psychology (2026) , Over 7+ in coaching/counseling experience Language: English Residence: Singapore Price per Session: $120/hour

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