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Are they effective?

Why Groups?

Opening up in a group setting has 4 main advantages.

Different Perspectives

Community Support

Development of Interpersonal Skills


Different Perspectives

Chat with members from all walks of life.

Challenges your own assumptions and beliefs

Gain new insights and opinions

Get feedback from a diverse group of people

Tech People
Street Fashion

Community Support

Benefit from the support and insight of others.

Feel less alone and more understood

Share experiences with members in similar situations

Experience a strong sense of validation

Development of Interpersonal Skills

Practice communication in a safe environment

Improve your communication skills

Enhance your assertiveness

Develop strong conflict resolution skills

A woman smiling with happiness
Pay Bills


Save money where it counts the most.

Less expensive than one-on-one therapy

Zero commitment, cancel at anytime

Mental health care that is affordable

Experience the power of group support

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