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Aviation Counselor

  • 15 minutes

Listenr Bio

Welcome to the virtual office of Stephanie Kelly, your trusted Aviation Support Counselor. With a genuine passion for the well-being of aviation professionals, Stephanie combines her expertise in mental health counseling with a profound understanding of the unique challenges faced within the aviation industry. As an experienced Aviation Support Counselor, Stephanie is dedicated to providing a confidential and empathetic space for pilots, flight attendants, air traffic controllers, and other aviation personnel to address a wide range of personal and professional issues that may impact their mental health and job performance. Stephanie's approach is characterized by compassion, sensitivity, and a genuine commitment to helping clients navigate stress, burnout, relationships, work-life balance, and other challenges prevalent in the aviation sector. By tailoring her counseling techniques to meet the specific needs of aviation professionals, Stephanie empowers her clients to enhance their mental resilience, coping strategies, and overall well-being. Whether you are seeking support for career transitions, relationship dynamics, emotional wellness, or personal growth, Stephanie is here to guide you towards a path of holistic wellness and success in your aviation career. Taking a proactive stance on mental health, Stephanie aims to foster a supportive environment where clients can thrive both personally and professionally. Specialties: Colleague/Family/Dating/Marital/Family Relationships, Transitions, Work/Life/Family Stress, Stress Management, Prevention or Relief from Burnout, Life Planning, Parenting, Conflict Management, Professional Development, Trauma, EMDR, Affect Management Credentials: Over 10 years in counseling and coaching Language: English Residence: United States Price per Session: $120/hour

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